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Window Tinting

When it comes to high quality window tint, there is Better Solution window tint and then there is everyone else! With so many amateur, inexperienced Mom & Pop shops offering window tint, finding an experienced, professional, quality window tint shop can be difficult.


Auto detail

When you walk out of the dealership and get behind the wheel for the first time, an amazing feeling comes over you. As you settle into your new vehicle, a deep connection is created; this vehicle has become an extension of you.


Commercial Window Tinting

Reducing your energy costs and protecting your bottom line is important to any small business or corporation. With commercial window film tint installed in your office, you can cut your energy cost considerably, and reduce interior temperatures


Residential tinting

It all adds up to a great value. Solar Film provides many benefits that include: -Comfort in the summer and winter
-Reduce glare and control fading
-Reduce ultraviolet rays & hot spots
-Reduce energy costs
-Increase privacy and security
-Increase efficiency and longevity of climate control system
-Improve appearance